Development & Competitive

Competition Squads

2 piece Competitive Gymnasts

This is our first competition stage (6 yrs upwards). Children are invited into this level for preparation and training in readiness for competition at Floor and Vault competition. Children are also given the opportunity to develop skills on Women’ and men’s full apparatus such as Bars, Beam, Rings, Pommel but do not enter competition on these pieces. We have sessions for girls and boys at this level.

All children are given the opportunity to participate in club events including our annual club competition and Christmas displays both with a focus on fun.

Regional/National – 4 piece/6 piece Competitive Gymnasts

By invitation our competitive gymnasts train to compete on all 4 womens/6 mens apparatus. They compete in Scottish Gymnastic competitions (from 8 yrs) as well as those organised by other clubs and at a National level where appropriate.

Class times – By invitation